Temperature measuring device

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✭ When manufacturing injection-moulded parts from plastics, the mould temperature has a decisive influence on the quality of the parts and the cycle time. Optimum temperature control during the processing of thermoplastics therefore also has a direct influence on the efficiency of the production.


✭ The injection mould is cyclically heated by the injected material. The heat is dissipated by the thermal conduction in the material and in the steel of the mould to the surface of the temperature control channel, where the heat is given off via heat transfer to the circulating heat transfer medium (water or oil). The temperature control unit dissipates the heat of the heat transfer medium and returns the cooled medium to the circulation.


 Our set of molds is made of S136 hardened material, and the life of the mold should reach 1 million times. In the injection molding production process, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy of the product, and ensure that it is stable and firm during the assembly process. Make our electronic part more stable.


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Product Detail

Mould NO. CPM-181013
Surface Finish Process VID21
Plastic Material PC+ABS
Part weight 23g
Design Software UG
Part size 125.00 X 63.00 X 22.00mm
Customized Customized
Application Medical industry
Mould size 346 X 396 X 337mm
Part Name Temperature control gun
Mould Cavity 1+1
Runner Cold runner for sub gate
Standard DME
Mould Material S136
Mould Life Cycle 1,000,000
Lead Time 25days
Mould Cycle Time: 28's
Payment T T

Application field

Distance: The primary use of infrared thermometers is in measuring the temperature of a subject from a distance. The device is beneficial in situations where it is difficult to reach the object to record the temperature.

For example, IR thermometer can come handy when measuring the temperature of air conditioning units that are often out of reach. You can also use an Infrared thermometer to monitor the performance of engine cooling systems or detect hotspots on electrical systems and panels with limited access.

Dangerous: Measuring temperature at a distance has its advantages. Not all temperatures can be measured by directly being in contact with it. One such example is building fires.

Firefighters often use IR thermometer to identify hotspots in the event of a fire. These devices enable them to get accurate results without putting their lives at risk.

Another non-contact thermometers application is in monitoring industrial equipment such as boilers, furnaces, and high-temperature process pipes. With these handheld devices, workers can conveniently check the surfaces of these systems for elevated temperatures without direct contact.

Measuring temperatures in toxic or hazardous areas is also possible with these devices. However, getting the right IR thermometer rated for the right instance is vital to accurate temperature readings in any of these applications.

Movement: IR thermometers are also the hardware of choice for measuring the temperature of objects that are in constant motion. Since these devices are highly responsive, there is little to no delay in registering differences in temperature. As such, IR thermometers are ideal for measuring temperatures of moving objects since the object's speed doesn't skew results.

Examples can include measuring the temperature of conveyor belts in a processing plant, moving machinery, rollers, and other moving objects where temperature control is necessary.

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